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Giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 9 unit 5

Giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 9 unit 5 là bài soạn mà chúng tôi soan ra nhằm phục vụ công tác giảng dạy cho các thầy cô trong việc giảng dạy tiếng Anh học sinh lớp 9.

Dưới đây là giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 9 unit 5 là tài liệu hữu ích trong việc giảng dạy. giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 9 unit 5 gồm có phần nghe, nói và phần ngữ pháp được biên soạn đầy đủ và chi tiết.

Lesson2:   Speak


By the end of this lesson .students will be able to deveop the speaking skill  by expessing agreement ordisagreement about something such as: programmes understand “tag-question” with ....,don’t you.?....,do you....?

II.Teaching aids:

Text book,poster...


1.Warm up:* chatting

–Do you like watching TV ,Huong?

_ What kind of programmes do you like?

2, Pre-speaking:

-Set the scene: Lien and Trung are talking to each other about programmes which they like or dislike

-Pre-teach vocab :

+documentary (n)   (example)

+foriegn film (n)    (example)

+informative  (AJ)   (information)

+violent  (adj)      (trans)

-New structure: presenting “tag-question”

+Do you like watching sports ,don’t you,Trung?

(do you like watching sports,Trung?)

+You don’t like foreign films,do you?

+Don’t you like foreign films?

*Explain the use

Lesson:    Reading

I. Objectives:

By the end of this lesson,SS will be able to improve reading skill and read the text to find information about the Internet

II.Teaching aids: Picture (the internet),poster...      


1,    Warm up:

Hang the picture(the internet) on the boarol

            Do you know what it is?

           Have you ever used the internet?

            What do you use it for?

            How much time...

           2,   Pre- reading:

  • Set the scene: some people`s ideas about the internet
  • Pre-teach Vob:

+ Chatting(gerund)  (expl)

+ Limitation(n)         (...)

+Get access to (v)   (sym)

+Wandering  (gerund)  (expl)


                   Pre-reading  task

                   Prediction Advant     (A)                

  1. Costly  
  2. Use it for education
  3. Fast cond convenient way

        To get in formation

  1. Time-consuming                                             

- SS worle in groups (4 groups)

 -The monitor % each group write the answer

  3, While-reading

  • T     explains and guides SS the way to read and find the information from the text.
  • T     reads once.
  • SS read the text (in silence)
  • Ask SS to read each part
  • SS seek informantion in each part,write down and compare to their ideas.
  • T     lulps SS get right information
  • SS  do exercise
  • SS read once more - insilence
  • SS play a game with the questions
  • Correct and give correct answers

*Discussion:2 question

4, Post ... reading : Hang on extra broad

It is a very fast and convernient...to get information.People...the internet for many purposes :edueation ,communication... And cormerce. The.. .helps people communicate with friends and relatives by .. . of email or chatting.

 However ,the internet has .. . It is time .. . and costly .It is also dangerous because of .. . and bad prograns

 Anyways,No.. .can deny the benefits  of the internet in our modern life

            SS work in groups

5,Home work:

Lesson 5:  Write

I.Objective : By the end of this lesson, ss will be able to write a passage about  the  benefits of the Internet.

II.Teaching aids : Books , poster…


1.Warm up :

Net words/ Brainstorming:


Set the sene : Write about the benefits of the Internet

Pre-teach vocab:

On line school (n)

Source (n)

Forum (n)                              ( Translation)


On- line lesson (n)

Previous language with the modal verb “can”

Pre – writing task  : Matching

1. A source of information                      a. new, weather , forecast

                                                                b. On – line schools

2.A source of entertainment                   c. games , music

                                                               d. articles 

3. A  man of education                           e. movies

                                                               f.on-line lessons

- ss nead the information ( P44/p6) check

 Key : 1.                                        2.

-ss practice the following topic ( in group)

           Ex: The first topic: We can…

3.While- conting:

-T explans the request of writing

-T gives …………………

+) The lastest local on global news , check  weather conditions book your tickets for…

+) Listen to music, play games…

+) Learn English, look up newwornds in a dictionary

-ss work in individual ( write about the benefis of the  Internet ) bosing on brainstoming and wordecues)

-Ask some ss to read their writing ( the mounitors )

-T corrects the mistakes


Chain game : ( about the benefits of the Internet)

S1: I can …

S2: I can … and…

5. Homework:

-Write a perfect passage about the benefits of the Internet)

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