Đề thi Anh văn lớp 7 hk1

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Đề thi Anh văn lớp 7 hk1

Tài liệu tham khảo: đề thi Anh văn lớp 7 hk1

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

  1. A. leave                            B. read                                C. ready                              D. pleased
  2. A. hungry                          B. June                                C. month                             D. mother
  3. A. stay                               B. vacation                         C. last                                  D. late
  4. A. great                            B. beach                             C. teacher                           D. meat

II. Choose the option that best fits each of the blanks.

  1. __________ visiting Ha long Bay? –That’s a good idea!

           A. How about                    B. Let’s                                C. What about                    D. A&C are correct

  1. Does Nam often play marbles __________recess?

           A. on                                 B. at                                    C. in                                    D. between

  1. Students have two __________each day.

           A. 20-minutes breaks       B. 20-minute breaks           C. 20-minute break            D. 20-minutes break

  1. __________do you go to bed? - At nine.

           A. What                            B. When                              C. What time                      D. Where

  1. Hanoi is the capital city, but it is __________than HCM City.

           A. the smaller                   B. smaller                           C. smallest                          D. small

  1. The summer vacation usually __________for almost three months.

           A. is lasting                       B. lasts                                C. is                                     D. will last

  1. My homework __________about two hours each day.

           A. takes                             B. costs                               C. uses                                D. spends

  1. She learns __________to use a computer in Computer Science classes.

           A. how                              B. what                               C. which                              D. when

  1. Which is the eighth month of the year?

           A. September                   B. February                         C. November                      D. August

  1. -Where ____________________ from ? –England.

           A. is she                            B. does she come               C. will she be                      D. A&B are correct

  1. Farmers work mainly __________.

           A. in their farms               B. at their farms                 C. on their farms                D. from their farms

  1. How __________is it from your house to school? – It’s about 2 kilometers.

           A. old                                B. much                              C. far                                   D. often

  1. Nam likes bananas and apples, and I do, __________.

           A. so                                  B. too                                  C. either                              D. neither

  1. In the future, robots and machines __________all the work for us.

           A. are doing                      B. will do                            C. does                                D. do

  1. Nam is __________fixing household appliances.

           A. good at                         B. good for                         C. good in                           D. bad for

III. Choose the best option to fill in the missing information.

Schools in the USA (20)________ a little different from schools (21)________ Vietnam, there is no school uniform. Classes start (22)________ 8.30 each morning and the school day ends at 3.30 or 4 oclock. There are no lessons on Saturdays. Students have one hour for lunch and two 20-minute breaks each day. One break is (23)________ the morning, the other is in the afternoon. Students often go to the school cafeteria and buy snacks and drinks at a break or at lunchtime. The most popular after school activities (24)________ baseball, football and basketball.

  1. A. are                                B. is                                     C. be                                   D. will be
  2. A. on                                 B. at                                    C. in                                    D. to
  3. A. in                                  B. between                         C. on                                   D. at
  4. A. on                                 B. at                                    C. in                                    D. from
  5. A. are                                B. is                                     C. will be                             D. be

IV. Reorder the given words to make sentences.

  1. week / days / a / six / Lan / to / goes / school.



  1. show / the / Could / me / post office / the / to / you / way ?


  1. How / is / from / house / the / market / it / far / your / to ?


  1. sometimes / play / marbles / recess / We / at /.


V. Give the correct form of the words in brackets.

  1. We ____________________in grade 8 next year.                                           (be)
  2. Our friends ____________________in the school library at the moment.           (read)
  3. Listen! Mai ____________________very well.                                                 (sing)
  4. Minh and I ____________________TV every night.                                          (watch)

VI. Read the passage and answer the questions below.

Mai is a seven-grade school girl at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Junior High School. Her father is a teacher. He teaches English six days a week in a junior high school nearby. Her mother is a nurse. She looks after sick people in a local hospital. Her elder sister is a journalist. She writes for a local newspaper in her hometown.


  1. What does Mai do?


  1. What does Mai’s father do?


  1. What does Mai’s mother do?


  1. What does Mai’s sister do?


  1. Where does her mother work?


VII. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition.

  1. Our classes always start ________7 o’clock ________the morning.
  2. She lives ________her parents ________a big house.
  3. They work ________the farm from 7.00 AM ________5.00 PM.
  4. ________Geography, I learn ________present and past events.

VIII. Rewrite the following sentences as directed.

  1. Would you like to go to the movie theater?

       @ What about__________________________________________________________________________

  1. When is your birthday?

       @ What _______________________________________________________________________________

  1. There are forty students in my class.

       @ My class ____________________________________________________________________________

  1. Nam walks to school every day.  

       @ Nam  goes___________________________________________________________________________

IX. Match a sentence in column A with a suitable answer in column B.




  1. How often you clean the room?
  2. Let’s go somewhere for a swim.
  3. What do you often do after lunch?
  4. What is Mai doing?
  5. Do they often go fishing?
  1. It’s a good idea!
  2. She is playing the guitar.
  3. Once a week
  4. No, they don’t.
  5. I usually listen to music.







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